Romeo Crow

Yes, this site is plain on purpose 🙂

Think of it as a one-sheet overview of what I’m up to, with links to each project’s website, should you wish to explore further.

Current Projects – October 2019

  • Travelling!
    After 11 wonderful years in Battersea, my family headed off to “worldschool” our children (and ourselves!). Currently, we’re in Italy (for the rest of the year), back in the UK over Christmas and New Year, then off to Spain (though I’ll be back for regular flying visits to London, for business). Whilst travelling, I shall be working on creative projects (principally writing, music and photography; see below).
  • Romeo Crow
    My artist side; music, film, photography and writing. Currently focused on:
    My next album A Blind Eye to Love
    An original screenplay, “One Night In Soho” (think the “British Hangover“)
    My 2020 Calendar of landscape photography.
  • UK Open Mic
    The UK’s biggest open mic night provider. Currently running 8-10 nights per week.
  • Live Music Artists
    A new sister company to UK Open Mic, it’s an agency getting paid gigs for performers.
  • World Schooling Hub
    An app to help worldschooling and homeschooling families more easily find, connect and meet each other, wherever they are in the world. Will be in app stores in the next few weeks.
  • Education By Travel
    My family blog (oft neglected!) focused on our travels and home schooling efforts.

The Rest of the Time

  • Enjoying time with my wife and two children!
  • Homeschooling
  • Practicing music (principally guitar & vocals)
  • Writing & recording songs
  • Reading
  • Martial arts training and improving fitness
  • Playing chess, scrabble and poker.
  • Travelling

Get in touch

If you want to get in touch, please feel free to drop me a line: